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The Economic Policy Group (EPG) is an economic and strategy consulting firm based in London.We offer social impact analysis, and economic and regulatory policy advice to corporations and the third sector around the world. (

“It’s not who you know, it’s what who you know knows.” (Noshir Contractor)
According to John Brown and Paul Duguid knowledge can be defined by three criteria, namely: knowledge is associated with a knower, knowledge is embedded in the knower, and to become a knower a person needs to be committed to understanding the information presented to him (Brown & Duguid 2008:119:120). In organisations this knowledge comprises experience, specialist skills and the practical knowledge of how the organisational processes operate (Orlikowski 2002).
Social Networking 2.0 provides users with the ability to create a global list of contact details (either in a graphical or text-based format) of people with whom they have strong professional ties, co-workers, colleagues and people they do business with, who they trust enough to be associated with and even recommend to others (Gorge 2007).
This contact list is different from other electronic directories in that the information is linked directly to the profiles created and maintained by the contact himself, allowing for automatic updates of changes to contact details, current activities, interest and specialist skills and expertise, in a searchable format (Boyd S. 2006; ClearSwift 2007a).

Social Networking 2.0 can assist organisations to create an online resource containing the accumulated wisdom of the organisation, by allowing knowledge to be codified, searched and shared (Cairncross 2001:131, 134; IBM 2007). By decreasing the use of e-mails and other disruptive communication methods, the use of asynchronous communication methods, such as blogs and wikis, can increase productivity and work flow efficiency

In case of the Economic Policy Group (EPG) the company has not achieved what it should have achieved through wiki ideas and blogging and remain inactive which may not provide them success as it should have

5 thoughts on “Economic Policy Group Blogging and Wiki

  1. Not many professional organisations are taking up wikis and blogs from what I have been able to derive. I’d be cautious myself of letting the inside of a company shown on the outside.


  2. I agree, there sometime’s can be a fine line. But if it is utilised correctly then it can potentially be very successful. Evidence is in other blog posts, like Rebecca’s – NASA and Elsa’a – EY. It was good to see that not every company is utilising their blog or wiki. I am sure A LOT have not been able to succeed in it yet, even amongst all the ones that have. Although the ones that have have the money and resources.


  3. Thanks for your comments, I would slightly beg to difffer from you guys. By introducing the wiki and blogs to website, we wish to generate meaningful intellectual discussions and route the traffic to our wesbite. Certainly, company ‘inside’ should not be published’ outside’ and what I have seen as examples of large firms, you would see that there is ‘alot’ of activity on their blogs


  4. I agree that not many professional services are taking up blogging and wiki’s however I did come across TripAdvisor which runs numerous blogs which also has an active comment section with the hope to stimulate customer- organisation engagement. However there were very little comments so it makes it hard to measure if the blog is in fact successful. I noticed EPG is active on YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter but not Facebook , I wonder why that might be.


  5. It is actually the job of the firms to ‘involve’ their customers on the blogs. Yes there is no point of having a blog where people do not comment and engage with the firm.

    In case of EPG, they might have strategically excluded facebook, however, not very sure about it


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