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Social Enterprise

So what is a social Enterprise ? A firm with a vision to contribute value to lives of individuals. Social enterprises are revenue-generating businesses with a twist. Whether operated by a non-profit organization or by a for-profit company, a social enterprise has two goals: to achieve  social, cultural, community economic or environmental outcomes; and, to earn revenue. On the  surface, many social enterprises look, feel, and even operate like traditional businesses. But  looking more deeply, one discovers the defining characteristics of the social enterprise: mission  is at the centre of business, with income generation playing an important supporting role.

So whats the Fuss

The purpose of this blog is to introduce the term Social enterprise and educating the masses about social enterprises and offering our services as social enterprise consultants. We tend to  provide the services to social enterprises using web 2.0 based technologies such as Facebook,  Twitter, Youtube etc. The one bottom line is to reach larger audience with our social mission in  mind. The purpose of the blog will be two-fold; introducing some of our work in form of case  studies (read: success stories) and information forum for students wishing to learn more about social enterprises.

I will be updating you folks with my posts on weekly basis and expect you to communicate with  me. Please try to give me feedback on my posts and I would love to hear from you. This will  allow us to form a community of like minded people who have some interest in social  enterprises. Some of the blogs that I loved and I am sharing with you to have a look

4 thoughts on “Social Enterprise Consultant’s Page

  1. I probably would have left “students” out of the blog and perhaps replace with a more wider audience such as “people”. I’m glad you shared a link that also entails how volunteer work is a good way to start. I’m always surprised by the lack of volunteer work young people involve themselves with these days. Your second example link seems to be failing also.


    1. Thank you Steven,

      Thanks alot for the suggestion and yes you have made a valid point by addressing to larger audiences as opposed to attracting students. However, I believe all of us are in learning phase all our lives, so yeah 🙂 your point, noted and registered 🙂

      I absolutely agree with you on younger generation involvement in social activities, the universities may take up the role

      P.S: Thanks for highlighting the link failure


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